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Sangrur, December 28, 2012.

Experts are of the opinion that the current foggy conditions are beneficial for wheat and other rabi crops like gram, barley, rapeseed, maize, lentil, sunflower and mustard. Fog might lead to a bumper crop harvest.

On the contrary, some farmers believe that their wheat crop might get adversely affected due to the fog and they might need to add an extra urea dose to save it.

Agriculture experts believe that prolonged cold temperatures increase tillering and stop vegetative growth, thereby enhancing wheat yield. However, sometimes prolonged foggy conditions lead to nutritional disorders, such as manganese and sulphur deficiency, particularly in the wheat crop.

Dr Amarjit Singh, Agriculture Development Officer, Sangrur, stated that during such weather conditions, farmers should spray a solution of one kg manganese sulphate (30.5 per cent) in 200 litres of water per acre of wheat crop. The crop should be sprayed at sunrise during foggy days. Four to five sprays of manganese sulphate were sufficient to get a good yield, he said.

Sangrur Chief Agriculture Officer, Dr. Rajinder Singh Sohi urged farmers to irrigate vegetables and fodder using less water in such conditions. He stated that wheat was grown on more than 2.85 lakh hectares in the Sangrur district and they expected a record production of wheat this rabi season.

Dr Sohi said that if existing weather conditions continued up to mid January, Panjab could expect a high yield of wheat.

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